Grand Theft Auto V snipes Apple with iFruit companion app

Jamie Feltham
September 17, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V launches today, which is a fact probably every human on this planet knows by now. What is news, however, is that the game will support an iOS companion app that will let plays train dogs and customise cars.

Named iFruit, the app lets you get in touch with GTAV wherever you are. Firstly, the Los Santos Customs feature will let you tune one of three cars belonging to the game’s main characters. Things like the licence plates will be fully customisable from the comfort of your smartphone. Meanwhile, Chop the Dog will be a Tamagotchi-like simulator that will let you care and train for a dog. From the comfort of your smartphone you’ll be able to order your dog, Chop (incase you hadn’t figured that out), to search for hidden packages and perform tricks like sitting and paw-shaking. There will also be the option to customise Chop’s collar, and any attention you show him in the app will benefit in-game as he becomes more effective.

One of the best bits? The app is free and available on the iTunes Store now. So if you can pry your fingers away from the controller for long enough, this could well be worth checking out.

While games have been offering this kind of service for the past few years now, this is the first example of a franchise as big as GTA utilising it. Expect to see this feature more and more as those much-anticipated next-generation systems launch in November.

Source: Eurogamer

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