Google updates Wallet app, supports all Android phones

Jamie Feltham
September 17, 2013

Google is making a push to improve its Wallet app. The company today revealed a new update for the Android service that expands its compatibility and features.

The new and improved Wallet app adds support for any Android device running on the Gingerbread (2.3) OS or higher. One of the most important features of the service is the ability to transfer money to other Wallet users. This works free of charge if you’re using a bank account, but you’ll suffer a small fee if you’re using a credit or debit card to send money.

There are several other interesting features that help shape the app into an all-in-one money manager. Notably, there’s the ability to store loyalty cards digitally, simply by scanning any given card’s barcode and punching in the numbers. Furthermore, there will be adverts for local offers to help you make purchasing decisions and a list of all purchases made through the app will be kept.

Google has struggled with pushing its Wallet app into the mainstream in the past. Carriers have previously been hesitant to support it, and not all Android devices supported it. The hope is that this dramatic increase in compatibility will give it the push it needs to make it the definitive money managing app. Right now it’s only operating in the US, but expect it to make some sort of introduction to the UK if it really is as successful as the company hopes.

Source: Android Police

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