Say hello to Google Sheep View

Thomas Wellburn
July 12, 2016

Move over Google Street View and say hello to the newest mapping king, Google Sheep View.

Google’s mapping software is pretty comprehensive here in Europe, covering most of the landscape and even the top of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. However, there’s a few locations where the search giant hasn’t bothered to venture and the Faroe islands is one such place. Situated North of Scotland, the small patch of 18 volcanic Islands is governed by Denmark and home to more sheep than people. Being naturally hilly and difficult to survey, there’s currently very little Street View information on Google… or at least there was.

Google Sheep View is baaaahrmy

Taking matters into her own hands, island resident Durita Dahl Andreassen has fitted five sheep with 360-degree cameras that take pictures once-per-minute, in the hope of capturing the Faroe Islands herself. Sheep are naturally quite adept at scaling cliffs and wandering into places that make a lot of us scratch our heads, so the combination is perfect for the terrain found on the Islands.

Currently, the animals have visited Tjornuvik, Hosvik, Kaldbaksbotnur, Bour and Sydradalur. Andreassen hopes to cover the entire area on Street View using this technique and has also started a petition campaigning for Google to photograph the Islands themselves.

With the project being so successful, she should probably start up her own Google Sheep View business.

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