Google releases first Apple Watch application

Alex Yau
May 13, 2015

Google has finally caved in to the Apple Watch craze and released an application for the device.

The company has pushed out an update for the “Google News & Weather” app so that it now provides basic Apple Watch support. Google has had a tendency to avoid supporting competition as of recent, as demonstrated by Windows Phone’s dire selection of Google content in the apps section. With over 3,500 applications now available since its launch, the Apple Watch has enjoyed some healthy support from developers and it was only a matter of time before Google bit the bullet and jumped in.

So what’s new in the update? Well, the Watch can now provide a dozen headlines that you can move through by swiping horizontally. If you Swipe down, you can also see a photo for the piece. Force Touch support is also included and a long button press will save your news article to Safari’s Reading List.

Overall though, the application is fairly basic and serves as a stepping stone in the right direction rather than a monumental leap. There’s no weather alerts, no handoff to continue reading on the iPhone, no full news stories and no summarised version of the article. It is essentially just a stripped down glance function for quickly checking headlines with little innovation to really set it apart. Nonetheless, it’s still a start.

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