Google Maps for Android and iOS update includes six new features, adds offline mode and Uber

Saqib Shah
May 7, 2014

A new update to Google’s iOS and Android Google Maps apps includes a raft of new features, such as integration with ride-sharing service app Uber and an offline mode.

With the new update installed, Google Maps users who already use Uber can now compare their rides with public transit and walking routes in selected cities.

Additionally, users can choose a destination in Google Maps and then jump to their selection on the Uber app with a single tap.

The update – which is the biggest upgrade to Google Maps in some time – adds a number of new features that encompass everything from driving to finding a place to drink.

In regard to the former, the Google Maps app   will now tell you what lane to be in, so you’ll never miss a turn or exit. Alternate routes are now also easier to access.

As far as the latter, Google Maps now lets users browse restaurants, bars and other businesses by opening hours, ratings, prices, and more – a lot like Yelp.

Arguably the most important new feature is the ability to save maps for offline use by tapping on locations, opening up their info cards and selecting “save map to use offline”.

We’ve all been in a situation where we need to get somewhere but are struggling with data or reception problems. Planning ahead with the offline feature on Google Maps should hopefully put an end to that.

Not to mention the fact that saved maps on the app can sync between devices allowing users to – for example – avoid roaming charges by saving their holiday destination routes on their browser, syncing those saved maps on their phones and then turning cellular data off when they reach their selected overseas destination.

For the full list of features now available on Google Maps, check out this blog post from Google.


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