Google blocks Microsoft’s Youtube app

Alan O'Doherty
August 16, 2013

Microsoft and Google have found themselves in a row over the release of a Youtube app for the Windows Phone operating system.

The Verge reported that Google have decided to block the app, preventing it from accessing Youtube, in a dispute over Microsoft’s decision to release an updated version of the app earlier this week. Microsoft have responded that Google is deliberately attempting to block a Youtube app for Windows Phone and that their objections to Microsoft’s release of the app “are nothing other than excuses.”

Microsoft claims that Google is seeking to block them from creating a native Youtube App for Windows Phone as this would put them on a par with Android and iOS devices creating more competition for the search giant. Microsoft deputy General Counsel David Howard explained that Google had asked Microsoft to build the app using HTML 5, a different coding language than that used for the Android and iOS version of the Youtube app. Technical issues are preventing Microsoft from developing the app for Windows Phone using HTML 5 and Microsoft claim this is a deliberate move on Google’s part to prevent the app from launching.

Dispute between Microsoft and Google over a Youtube app for the Windows Phone OS has been brewing for some time, with Google objecting to an earlier version which was ad-free and allowed users to download content for offline viewing. While progress appeared to be taking place with Microsoft updating the app to remove the download option relations have soured as Google refused to release information to Microsoft developers on the design of the iOS and Android version of the app. Microsoft claim this information would allow them to display adverts according to Google’s specifications, but the search giant is still refusing to provide the data.

So far Google has issues no response to Howard’s statement, so it’s anyone’s guess when Windows Phone users can expect to see a native Youtube app with Google’s backing.

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