Gold iPad mini 2 incoming, leaks suggest

Jamie Feltham
October 22, 2013

It looks like leaksters are getting the ball rolling early on today’s Apple news. Shots have popped up online of a gold iPad mini 2, suggesting Apple will be announcing the elaborate colour along with the new device at 6pm tonight.

The leaked shots (one aboe, one below) don’t actually confirm that it is indeed the mini 2, but outlets that have picked up on it seem to think it’s the smaller Apple device rather than the incoming iPad 5. It’s hardly surprising that a gold version of the device is incoming, given that the same colour of the iPhone 5s sold better than its other colourful rivals. Just like yesterday’s leak, there seems to be a fingerprint scanner included on the device. Elsewhere, we’re thinking that it will finally have that lovely retina display included.

It’s not long until we find out if there’s actually any truth to all this tech babble; Apple takes the stage tonight and we’ll have the news for you asap.

gold ipad mini 2

Source: Gizmodo

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