First look at the gold iPhone in leaked Japanese photos

Alan O'Doherty
August 22, 2013

If bling isn’t your thing then the latest leaked photos from Apple should assuage your fears, showing as they do a decidedly understated gold iPhone 5S.

The photos, originally published on Japan’s ASCII website appear to show an iPhone 5S shell in a pale gold finish alongside the standard black and white models we’re used to. The design of the new phone looks similar to the current iPhone 5 aside from a new paint job.

Rumours of a gold iPhone surfaced a few days ago and these latest images lend a lot more credibility to the claims. The choice to include the new colour scheme has been totted up to the popularity of gold iPhone cases, particularly in South and East Asian markets, and the ease of electroplating the device in that colour.

The iPhone 5S is rumoured to be launching on the tenth of next month along with Apple’s budget device the iPhone 5C which will come in a variety of colours and sports a plastic case.

While it seems that Apple are betting on a market for a handset that breaks the monochrome trend, do you think a champagne gold iPhone 5S is likely to score a hit with the public? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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