An evil Game of Thrones spoiler site texts people

Manny Pham
June 23, 2016

Jesus wept or should we say may the Mother have mercy, there’s actually a Game of Thrones spoiler site that will text spoilers to people you don’t like. is a new app that will immediately text Game of Thrones spoilers to those that have wrong you. It will do so for 99 cents and immediately after the hit show finishes airing in America. The new service was inspired by a woman who sent her cheating ex-boyfriend spoilers every Monday morning.

The app is available to download now after only debuting next week (a bit late). We’re now on season 6 of ‘A Song of Tits and Dragons,’ with penultimate episode ‘The Winds of Winter’ airing in the US on the 26th of June.


Westeros is seeing a period of female dominance at the moment. Sansa proved to be a formidable presence in the reclamation of Winterfell, after recruiting the Tully forces to save her bastard brother Jon Snow, who continues to know nothing, but thankfully he knows how to defeat other bastards. Just ask Ramsay Bolton. Oh wait…

Daenerys Targaryen repelled The Masters’ invasion of Mereen finally utilising her dragons. It looks to be a turning point for the young queen, will she become her father the ‘Mad King’ or live by her words and do better, after promising to do so in a support circle with other characters that have daddy issues.

Pray to the Mother and ask for forgiveness

thrones spoiler app

Those who spoil Game of Thrones probably get more vitriol thrown at them than an interracial gay couple at a Donald Trump rally. You just don’t do it. People are heavily invested in the world of Westeros; fan theories, artwork and get togethers are done on a weekly basis because to the highly acclaimed show.

The creators of Spoiler have pretty much mastered trolling, diverting any anger towards them to an anonymous person within the victim’s social circle. The Spoiler developers are doing the finger pyramid of evil contemplation, while laughing silently at the (maybe) thousands of poor souls who are waking up to a worse Monday morning. Kudos.

You can sign up victims at Spoiler’s Game of Thrones spoiler site here.

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