EE introduces true EU roaming and new plans

Manny Pham
August 17, 2016

EE introduces true EU roaming in a massive restructuring of its monthly plans with a new three-tier system. Some of the plans include Roam Like Home and free BT Sports.

The UK’s biggest network will introduce three new tariff ranges available to new and upgrading customers. The plans are called 4GEE Essentials, 4GEE and 4GEE Max. As you would guess in the title, all of the plans come with 4G Internet. The operator claims the 4G speed ranges from 300MB to 40GB. Could we be seeing the end of 3G and below (yes there’s a below) in future?

4GEE Essential plans start at £16.99 per month with 300 minutes, unlimited text and 300MB of data. 4G speeds hit a decent 20Mbps, which is better than most home broadband connections. You also get a free subscription to the BT Sport App, for six months. The top Essential plan will set you back £35.99 per month allotting you with 20GB of data.

The middling 4GEE plan offers three times the speed, download speeds are up to 60Mbps. EU introduces EU roaming in this tier, unlimited calls and texts in Europe, with 500Mb allowance. Unlimited calls and texts come with every plan in 4GEE, prices range from £20.99 per month for 1GB of data to £35.99 for 20GB.

EE introduces true EU roaming for EE Max

Max is the best plan you’ll be able to get starting at £25.99 to £45.99. EE Max plans offer EE’s new roaming offer , Roam Like Home. With the new roaming offer you can use your data, minutes and texts in Europe, as you would in the UK.

Every EE Max plan offers free BT Sport, so if you’ve been dragged begrudgingly to a museum in Venice, you can casually turn on some sports. Entry plan offers 3GB of data with the top plan offering 40GB of data.

The plans are on sale in case you were upgrading or looking for a new plan.

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