EE to introduce UK’s first 4G pay as you go, more affordable 4G plans

Jamie Feltham
October 16, 2013

EE is making huge strides with its 4G coverage this month, bringing new coverage plans to users before the end of October.

Perhaps the most interesting new addition is the UK’s first 4G pay as you go plan. This will remove monthly fees for those that only want to use data on demand. You’ll be able to buy a  range of 30 day bundles that include data anywhere from 100MB to 10GB.  It will be available on all EE 4GEE handsets when it launches, and those that sign up for it before January 31st next year will even be able to grab a free 10GB of data to introduce them to the world of super fast coverage. A Christmas pay as you go promotion will also let users earn free minutes for the New Year.

Next up is more affordable coverage. The company is launching a range of entry-level 24 month contracts for those on a budget. Starting at £18.99, users will have access at least 500MB of data a month, with options to increase up to 50GB. Anyone on the plan can use download speeds up to 30Mbps, and average speeds of 12-15Mbps.

Then there’s the intriguing 4G and home broadband bundle. Basically, you can increase your data to    10GB each month for no extra charge by signing up to EE’s unlimited home broadband service. Like before, that means you can get that amount of data for £18.99 with the same room for expansion. Sticking with broadband, the company will also be launching a range of 4G powered home broadband devices. The plan is set to appeal to those not currently living in fixed superfast areas.

EE is holds firm as the largest 4G network in the UK, available in 117 towns and cities that span around 60 percent of the country. News like this is certainly going to help the company stay in first place while others like O2 and Vodafone play catch up. These plans will be launching on October 30th.

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