Feel jellyfish with Disney’s iPad tech

Jamie Feltham
October 10, 2013

We’d sooner associate Disney with Hakuna Matata than we would groundbreaking tech research, but the company itself doesn’t agree.

Disney Research, a section of the company devoted to developing new tech, has revealed its working on a system to deliver textures to touch screens. The video above shows it in action (for what it’s worth) with a rather lovely jellyfish display, which removes the very obvious threat of being horribly stung (unless it gets too real). The group is set to release a paper detailing just how it’s pulled it off.

So, the geeky bit. Basically, we sense touch through receptors that can be manipulated. This tricks the brain into thinking it’s feeling something that isn’t actually there. It’s actually a little bit scary when you take a second to think about it. Using electrical impulses, it will be possible to replicate the feel of just about anything.

Still, it’s all still in development stuff and the House of Mouse hasn’t reveal it’s in-depth notes yet. But we can already imagine watching The Lion King and ruffling Zazsu’s feathers.

Source: The Verge

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