Cortana for Android has leaked

Thomas Wellburn
July 20, 2015

Finnish mobile site Suomimobiili has revealed a leaked version of Cortana for Android that has somehow gone live on the internet.

We already knew that Cortana was heading to the Android platform sometime this month but it appears a near-finished build ahead of the planned July release date. Finnish mobile site Suomimobiili reports that a BETA release of the Windows virtual assistant has leaked onto the internet and is available for download. Even worse, the site reported that the Android version worked “even better than Windows 10”. Oh dear.

At the time of writing, the application is still available to download via the link on the Suomimobiili website. We gave it a test drive and concluded that is does feels incredibly stable and smooth for an unreleased build, making us believe that it’s fairly close to RTM. It carries over all the features previously found in the Windows Phone and Windows 10 versions, allowing you to ask her questions and have her set reminders.

As it is only an application on these devices and doesn’t have core access to the operating system, certain features will not carry across. Those hoping to say “Hey Cortana” and see their device flash into life will be disappointed, as such features are absent. Still, it’s a great app that pretty much mirrors the Windows counterparts on primary functionality.

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