Consumers still the focus at BlackBerry says CEO

Jamie Feltham
February 3, 2014

John Chen, current CEO of the struggling BlackBerry, has said that consumers are still the focus of the company.

Reports that BlackBerry would be stepping away from consumers have been rife ever since the beginning of the company’s financial issues last year. Speaking to Fast Company, Chen confirmed that the outfit wouldn’t be abandoning the current market.

“[This] doesn’t mean we are turning our back on the consumer’far from it’but it’s important we narrow our focus on our core strengths,” Chen said. “I believe in the values of this brand and I’ve assembled the right team and strategy with the strong confidence that we will rebuild BlackBerry for the benefit of all of our constituencies.”

It’s yet another mixed message from the company, which hasn’t made its future plans clear yet.

Will BlackBerry survive much longer in the consumer market?

Source: Fast Company via Berry Review

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