Charger Tariff Calculator will get you more beer

Manny Pham
July 5, 2016

Charger Tariff Calculator is a website that will allow you to calculate how much beer your mates owe you for charging their phones.

The UK is going through a period of cuts to public services and benefits, that are deemed ruthless and society shattering to some. You have to look after number one now as we slowly dwindle into a sci-fi dystopian future (please let it be as cool as Mad Max).

Let’s not forget experts forecasting doom for the UK as we democratically voted to leave the European Union.

So before society breaks down and we’re all using bottle caps for currency, Go Compare has created micro site, Charger Tariff Calculator. With the calculator you can work out roughly how much you are owed for figuratively saving your mate’s life. Because sending that Tinder message a few hours later would have been really awkward.

One beer bottle, hanging on your head

charger tariff calculator

The calculator is slightly inquisitive, taking into consideration the size of the device. It won’t ask for the ampere-hour (mAh), but which category the device falls under: tablet, smartphone and laptop. Keep in mind it calculates a 0% – 100% full charge.

Next you’ll be asked how many times your power parasite of a pal charged his/her device since he/she got comfortable enough to come over, and eat your last Dairylea Triangle.

Here’s the fun part. You can demand payment in the following form: food, drink, holiday, festival and clothes.

The calculator will then tell you exactly how much is owed in money and whichever form of payment you recently selected.

So if you’re a bit skint but you really want to head out to a festival this year, head on over to Go Compare to start your scrounging. Rejoice and wave your tight fists in the air.

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