You can now embed tweets within tweets on Twitter for iOS and Android, and here’s how

Callum Tennent
June 16, 2014

Are you one of those people who insists on manually retweeting everything that you find interesting or funny instead of rewarding the original artist’s creativity by with a simple tapping the retweet button? Well then good news! There’s soon going to be another way for you to  obnoxiously avoid using the retweet function for your own gain!

Twitter is now trying out the ability to embed other tweets within tweets. It’s only available on mobile, though – specifically iOS and Android. If you try it on desktop, nothing will look any different.

The way that you can do it is largely the same as how you would embed any other form of media within a tweet. You simply copy the link to the tweet in question, then paste it into the tweet you’re creating. Upon you sending it out, instead of getting just a line of Twitter URL gibberish, you’ll get the gibberish  and a little visual preview of the tweet – like how a thumbnail appears when you tweet a YouTube video.

It’s nice that Twitter is always looking for ways to improve it’s user experience without drastically overhauling the whole thing (uh… apart from that whole recent redesign fiasco). This is definitely a feature that makes sense, so we’re looking forward to seeing it implemented. Our friends at The Next Web have even done a mockup of what it may look like:


Twitter - Embedded tweet mockup




As with all updates Twitter-related, this one will start rolling out immediately to a select userbase, with broader adoption soon to follow as the update becomes available to more people.

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