Bitcoin reborn on iOS: Coin Pocket is the first Bitcoin wallet app to be allowed back onto the Apple App Store

Callum Tennent
June 16, 2014

Four months ago we reported that Apple had acted to remove anything to do with Bitcoin from its iOS App Store. Apple recently updated its App Store policy to clarify to developers exactly what Bitcoin related apps  are allowed on the marketplace. In short: as long as it complies with local laws, it’s alright with Apple.

That’s good news for Bitcoin users, and we now have the first official Bitcoin wallet on the iOS App Store since the original purge – Coin Pocket. Download it here if you like. You’ll be able to download it and use it so long as it’s all legal within your territory of residence. It’s a true, standalone Bitcoin wallet, and can even use you iPhone’s camera for scanning QR codes.

What’s more, these changes mean that in-app payments can now be handled via Bitcoin should developers wish. eGifter  is one app that  has already taken advantage of this, and you can expect many more to follow.

Bitcoin isn’t the only currency allowed by Apple though – any ‘digital currency’ is allowed, so long as it follows their rules closely. That’s right, even Dogecoin (theoretically).


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