BlackBerry rolls out BBM update for BBOS with new security software and more

Saqib Shah
June 16, 2014

Following the recent updates for the Android and iOS versions of its BBM messaging service, BlackBerry has also launched a new upgrade for its own devices.

The biggest feature of the update, which is available via BlackBerry World, is BBM Protected – a secure enterprise messaging tool, which ensures that mobile IM is fully protected, according to the company.

BlackBerry adds that “BBM Protected adds an additional layer of security to the BBM model for added protection of BBM conversations between employees.”

Consequently, BBM now encrypts the message between the sender and receiver. The company also claims that it is the only mobile messaging service to use the FIPs 140-2 validated cryptographic library, which is a US government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules.

Analysts  cite the new encryption-focused update as just another example of the ailing company’s shift away from consumers and toward maintaining its relationships with its business customers, particularly those in larger industries and government agencies.

“Security-conscious organisations are caught between a rock and a hard place today when it comes to secure IM” Jeffrey Gadway, Head of Product and Brand Marketing for BBM, said in a blog post.

“Many consumer IM apps don’t meet the security needs of IT while the enterprise IM apps deployed by IT leave end users seeking more utility and a better mobile experience. No secure IM apps have managed to meet the needs of both IT and end users – until now.”

Furthermore, the update also brings with it an increase in the BBM maximum file transfer limit size to 16MB.

Additional features in the new update include the introduction of chat wallpapers (available to download from the BBM Shop), 16 new emoticons, the option to add new BBM contacts via in-email links and the re-naming of the ‘Updates’ tab to ‘Feeds’.

Check out the full list of new BBM features here and more information about BBM Protected here.


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