Boomf lets you turn Instagram images into tasty marshmallows

Jamie Feltham
November 27, 2013

Sorry to talk about food just before lunch, but we couldn’t help it once we’d heard of Boomf.

While we’ve been retro-izing photos on Instagram for a good few years now, Boomf mashmallow-izes those photos. That is to say that, you can send 9 Instagram images to the company, and they’ll send you back nine sugary treats, each with one of the images on them.

It’s £19 for a box so you are playing a little over £1 for each snack. Boomf also admits that you won’t get the most crystal-clear images and dark photos won’t come out too well. Still, imagine the sheer thrill of instagraming your dinner, sending it to the company, then getting it back and having dinner tasting like marshmallows. Imagine.

Source: Boomf via The Verge

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