BlackBerry shares on the up as sales talk heats up

Jamie Feltham
October 3, 2013

It’s been surprisingly quiet on the BlackBerry front for the past few days. Given that the company is currently facing a heap of financial issues and is rapidly adapting its business, you’d expect news to be hitting by the day.

Silence has broken today though, with positive news of the BlackBerry shares going up amid sales talks. Rumours of a bid from private equity firm Cerberus led to the increase. Cerberus is the type of company that swoops in to save struggling outlets. You have may heard of such firms during the tough times that retailers like Game and HMV have faced in recent years. So far it has declined to comment on the situation.

Of course, we know that the company has one bidder for definite; Fairfax Financial is currently hoping to acquire the struggling business for £2.9 billion (or $4.7 billion in native terms). It has until November 4th to make good on that deal.

It’s nice to have some more positive news on this relatively grim situation. BlackBerry shares probably hasn’t been too healthy in recent weeks, so this is something of a pick up. It’s anyone’s guess where BlackBerry will go right now. That said, the company itself has tried to reassure us that it will stay in the UK consumer market.

Source: The Guardian

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