Amazon might have a 3D phone, might track your face with four cameras

Jamie Feltham
October 3, 2013

Despite what movie, TV and games companies might tell you, the 3D revolution didn’t ever really happen. Sure, you can still see the latest blockbusters ‘jump out of the screen’ at the cinema, but unimpressive technology has kept it from becoming a mainstay in entertainment.

Apparently, that isn’t stopping Amazon from bringing 3D to phones.

Actually, a rumoured 3D handset from the retailer has been in the pipeline throughout 2013. Now though, we’re hearing about just how such a device would pull it off. According to Tech Crunch the new handset will have four different cameras, one for each corner. Those cameras then go to work on track your head and eye movements to replicate a 3D image on screen. Note the word ‘replicate’, as this is more of a workaround than true 3D delivered straight to your eyeballs. Earlier reports had hinted at different methods with the same kind of outcome, so it’s likely that the company is still tinkering with a range of options.

But the technical wizardry doesn’t end there; the phone’s rear-facing camera is also said to be able to take snaps of images then use recognition tech to take you to that item on Amazon’s web store. That’s an undeniably cool idea that will drain our wallets to no end.

The company has confirmed that it won’t be releasing a smartphone this year, so expect this handset to remain in the rumoured stages for a fair while yet.

Source: Tech Crunch

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