Nexus 10 leaks hit again, adds weight to Asus rumour

Jamie Feltham
October 3, 2013

Step back Nexus 5; it’s time for a Nexus 10 leak.

It was just about two weeks ago now that we last heard from the upgrade to Google’s largest tablet. A retailer’s stock listing suggested that Asus would be overtaking the manufacturing from Samsung this time around. This latest Nexus 10 leak, courtesy of evleaks, suggests pretty much the same thing. A quick snap of what seems to be an internal document again lists Asus as the makers. It also comes with the more obvious listings like the 10 inch form factor.

There’s not much to add on this front for now – although the last leak but the tablet at the fairly brilliant price of £349, which isn’t mentioned here. Right now the Nexus 5 is the hot topic for rumours and such, so expect the 10 news to pick up after that phone’s reveal/release.  It’s been nearly a year since the first version of the device, so the refresh is likely right around the corner.

Samsung can’t be too happy that it’s possibly on the out with Google’s devices, but Asus has seen such success with the Nexus 7 that it’s hardly surprising.

Source: evleaks

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