Netflix app on iOS brings HD streaming, AirPlay

Jamie Feltham
October 3, 2013

Last week saw the launch of Netflix’s Super HD service across a range of home entertainment boxes. This week the handsets play a bit of catch up, as iOS gets its own HD streaming via the Netflix app.

Those with an iOS 7 device can now upgrade their streaming quality, providing they have a fast enough internet connection. That should make for some pretty astonishing viewing on some of the later devices. iOS 7 reaches back to the iPad 2 on the tablet front, and the iPhone 4 when it comes to Apple’s smartphones.

Also new is AirPlay, which is a rather nifty little feature. Basically, if you’re watching something on an iPad/iPhone when an Apple TV is nearby, an icon will appear. Pressing it will transfer your content from phone/tablet to TV, allowing you to enjoy House of Cards on the kind of screen it was intended for. Your device will then act as a sort of remote control for the TV.

Not everyone will receive the new Netflix app features straight away, but the company does promise that it should hit everyone by mid-October.

Source: Netflix

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