BBM for Android launching September 21, iOS September 22

Jordan O'Brien
September 19, 2013

Blackberry sure does know how to bury its news, revealing both the new Z30 and the BBM for Android and iOS release dates on the same day as Apple’s iOS 7 launch.

It’s been months since we last heard from Blackberry about BBM coming to Android and iOS, with the company consistently telling us that it’s coming, and even at one point claiming it had been submitted to the App Store.

Now however, we have an official confirmation on when it’s scheduled to hit both the Android Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, with Android users getting BBM before their iOS touting friends.

The dates are currently set at September 21 for Android and September 22 for iOS, so Android fans will receive it this Saturday, whilst those of you hoping to get your hands on an iPhone 5c and 5s will be able to install it on your brand new devices from Sunday.

BBM has an uphill battle on both Android and iOS, facing competition from already established cross-platform giants, with the likes of WhatsApp, Line and even Kik taking a huge portion of the market.

Whether there is room for Blackberry to make inroads remains to be seen, but we’ll hopefully hear some early download figures from the company soon.

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