Apple’s 2014 could see bigger iPhone, bigger iPad, first iWatch

Jamie Feltham
October 4, 2013

Apple’s 2013 announcements likely aren’t done yet. Sure we’ve seen the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but the company is yet to dish the goods on its latest iPad and the mini counterpart.  But what lies beyond that predictable announcement? What does Apple’s 2014 hold for the world’s most valuable brand?

According to Korean outlet ET News it’s all about bigger updates and entirely new devices. Apple will apparently bring us larger versions of both the iPhone and iPad in 2014, along with the release of the much-rumoured iWatch.

Apparently the new iPhone’s display will measure in at a minimum of five inches, though it could add a whole extra inch on top of that. For those that don’t want to upgrade the size, the iPhone 5s and 5c will still be made readily available. Meanwhile, the new iPad will measure in at a whooping 12.9 inches. This should position it to do battle with Windows 8 hybrids.

Then there’s that elusive wildcard, the iWatch. We’ve heard already that the device could have a 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5 inch display, complete with a flexible OLED component to make it wearable. We don’t know much else about the device. Will it be a companion piece for other iDevices? If it’s true, then this will be the first truly ‘new’ product that the company’s shown us in years.

For now we’ll simply have to make do with whatever the company’s got in store for the rest of 2013. Apple’s 2014 could be very interesting indeed.

Source: ET News via Phone Arena

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