Apple’s Night Shift mode might be in all devices

Manny Pham
July 4, 2016

Apple’s Night Shift mode was a recent addition to Apple’s operating system and its now looking the Cupertino giant will introduce it to all its devices. 

Announced with iOS 9.3, Night Shift mode was introduced to prevent you from straining your eyes at night. The feature was well received by users and Apple has taken notice. We could be seeing the new coveted feature in all of Apple’s future devices.

A patent made by Apple mentions the use of Night Shift with motor vehicles (Car Play or Apple Car), smartwatches, computers and televisions. Pretty much everything Apple is currently making or has made.

Looking deeper into the patent, Apple seem to be covering all bases as the patent extends to even fire extinguishers (you read that right). A more likely item to include Night Shift, yet still random, is an electronic noticeboard, which was also found on the patent. It’s a move to ensure no rivalling manufacturer snaps up the Night Shift rights, otherwise we’d probably see a lot of rubbish trinkets, sold on the streets with the branding (which will happen anyway).

What is Apple’s Night Shift mode? 

As the name implies it’s a mode within iOS that helps you adjust to night time better. The science behind Night Shift mode claims that by reducing the amount of blue light emitting into your eyes, your body will be less active and start to naturally shut down for the night.

Ever since Apple announced Night Shift mode, other notable companies in the tech world have started planning their own night mode variant. Twitter has been spotted trialling their own night mode in May. The Twitter night mode changes the app into a dark theme that won’t be searing your retinas like bacon in a hot pan.

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Via Patently Apple.

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