Xiaomi Mi Notebook spotted in latest leak

Thomas Wellburn
July 1, 2016

It’s been rumoured for well over two years but today, we’ve finally got a glimpse of what could be the first ever Xiaomi Mi Notebook.

Now, we need to be realistic here. The image is painfully low resolution and kind of grainy, but the device itself could still be legit. Xiaomi is yet to confirm it’s existence but we can rest assured that if this is a real leak, we’ll hear something from them very soon.

Aside from the image, which looks to be a MacBook with a Xiaomi badge thrown in for good measure, there’s currently no other credible information to go on. Screen size is reportedly 12.5-inches, while the operating system is expected to be Windows 10. There’s also a rumour that it will ship in two variants of differing configurations.

The mysterious Xiaomi Mi Notebook

Since it’s Xiaomi, you can probably expect the laptop to be very cost effective but still retain a premium edge. The material looks similar to that found on the MacBook, which would likely be an aluminium alloy. Other than this, we can see some basic packaging material underneath which holds the same Xiaomi logo.

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