Apple maps directs users to ‘Turn Right on Taxiway B’ at Airport

Jordan O'Brien
September 25, 2013

Apple Maps has found itself in yet another sticky situation after it was discovered that the turn-by-turn navigation software was directing users to the main runway at a busy International Airport.

iOS users who had used the mapping software to get to Fairbanks International Airport have found that the directions don’t take them to the front door, but instead gives them directions which will tell them to cross the main runway.

The Alaskan Airport has been forced to barricade its runway access ramp after two drivers from out of town attempted the journey in the last three weeks.

The Airport’s marketing director Angie Spear doesn’t blame Apple though, and instead blames the users who are too reliant on their gadgets. Speaking to Alaska Dispatch, Spear said “No matter what the signs say, the map on their iPhone told them to proceed this way.”

The directions given by Apple maps resembled that of the directions pilots tend receive from ground control, with the instructions concluding as “Turn Right onto Taxiway B”.

After the first incident on September 6 concluded with Airport Security, TSA agents and Police surrounding the driver of the vehicle, the Airport contacted Apple and asked to be removed from its mapping service.

Apple didn’t remove the airport straight away though, with the second person to do the journey on September 20.The Airport has now said that Apple has promised to issue a fix today, although we’re still seeing the same results as of right now.

This isn’t the first mistake iOS users have made recently, with many taking their iPhones for a swim after a prank advertisement told them that iOS 7 made their phones waterproof.

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