Amazon parodies Apple advert to show off Kindle Fire HDX

Jamie Feltham
December 2, 2013

Amazon has said its Kindle Fire HDX is “sharper, lighter” and costs less than iPad Air with retina in an advert parodying Apple.

The advert features an (fake) Apple employee demonstrating features of the new iPad, believed to be a parody of Apple’s own marketing featuring senior vice president of design, Jonathan Ive.

In response to “Apple” saying “This is the new magical iPad Air with retina display,” Amazon’s narrator says: “And this is the New Kindle Fire with HDX display. It has nearly a million more megapixels than the iPad Air.”

Apple’s claim that the new iPad is “astonishingly light” is countered by Amazon’s narrator, who says: “The Kindle Fire is actually 20 per cent lighter.”

Amazon also uses the advert to point out that while the iPad costs $499, the Kindle costs $379.

It finishes with the tagline: “Sharper, lighter, for less.”

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