4K iPad inbound for 2014 – rumour

Jamie Feltham
December 17, 2013

The super stunning 4K resolution is yet to catch on with the mainstream thanks to high price TVs and the fact that we all just upgraded to HD a few years back. But Apple could help usher the detailed display in in 2014 with a 4K iPad.

That’s what rumours are suggesting anyway. IB Times has claimed that the company will release a 2K resolution iPad in the first half of the year with a 4K resolution one coming in the back half. The name ‘iPad Pro’ was attached the the higher-spec slate.

Apparently the new tablets would then edge in on the MacBook Air and Pro with new functionality options. We’ve heard plenty of rumours about the new iPads in 2014 though, so what really happens will be anyone’s guess. Do we really need a 4K iPad?

Source: IB Times

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