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December 27, 2019

By 2020, the global payment industry is expected to surpass $2.2 trillion in revenue. In-store mobile payments are predicted to reach $503 billion by 2020, reflecting an annual compound growth rate of 80% in five years.

The industry is growing exponentially, but we have yet to see a single, integrated payment solution for all of the consumers’ financial needs, in spite of increasing consumer demand for ease-of-use, low costs and easy access.

The Solution

Zeux is your all-in-one money manager, a next-generation solution providing a single-entry point to all of your financial product accounts. The platform is fast, convenient, secure and reliable.

A one-stop money app, FCA-regulated Zeux brings together payment functionality, financial exchange, tracking and monitoring of spend, investment and savings options (with market-leading rates), within just one mobile app and has been designed to streamline the user experience for mobile banking users who are currently having to ‘flit’ between providers to check the status of their finances.

Aiming to ‘make your money work as hard as you do’, Zeux is offering its users a market-leading interest rate of 5% on its saving alternative account [promotional offer]. This is 25 x higher than the interest rates offered by most of the high street banks.

Notably, the app also allows anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet to pay with Bitcoin or Etherium at ANY high street retailer that accepts contactless mobile payments€¦. even your corner shop!

Looking to reduce the friction at every touchpoint, Zeux has also streamlined the process of transferring money to friends and family – all you need now is their mobile number and a few taps. You no longer need to ask for bank account numbers or find the nearest ATM.

What’s more, Zeux doesn’t charge fees for local and international transfers, payments, or cryptocurrency conversion.

And so, the days of inconvenience and hassle are set to become a thing of yesteryear. The digital currency will be mainstream, transaction barriers will be reduced and payments will be so easy to perform and so second nature that it will be like shaking someone’s hand.

Yet all of this will be carried out in a manner that’s more secure and reliable than ever before.

You can download from the App or Google Play stores here: App store – – Google play –

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