Web Designers Promote their Work on Instagram for a Reason and Use the Right Strategies

Pete Campbell
June 26, 2019

Web designers display their work for all the right reasons. It is a platform to provide you with opportunities galore, which you cannot deny. When you use the right Instagram tools and strategies, it will put you on the map and help you reach out to your clients. There is no doubt about the same. As a designer, you can make the most of the tools without promoting your services directly. Instagram is that window helping you to tap into the interest of genuine people who would like your professional web design.

According to an article published on, you can build a huge client base with Instagram marketing. The best way is making the most out of Instagram photos and videos. Here are some tips to use the right strategies to promote your work on Instagram:

Tell an in-depth story

Instagram is a visual platform that tells your story the best way. As a web designer, you need not tell your story in text format. Post photos and videos to share your perspective and build a fan base quickly than a blog. Use the stories feature of the photo-sharing site to tell an in-depth narrative.

When it comes to stories, they delight your prospects with a behind-the-scenes look of how you brainstorm web design ideas and putting them together to integrate them in a web page. You can use the mix and match of still photos and videos, showing you at work. It will help you gain real Instagram followers in no time.

Tweak your Instagram images

It is no use posting poor-quality photos on Instagram to promote your design work. As a designer, your job is to make things look beautiful, showing your sense of aesthetics to your prospective clients. Therefore, tweak pictures using the right filters and prove your designing skills to your prospects. Improve blurry images by applying the right sense of balance, composition, and attention to detail.

You should not post more than two photos per day unless an image is stunning and exceptional. Therefore, edit and improve Instagram photos carefully. Take your time.

Keep interacting

Your interactions will broaden your horizon. You will get noticed by more fans, followers, and even clients will show interest to work with you. Regramming as well as being regrammed will help you build those connections. You can post images of other web designers who have the same design perspective and aesthetic sense as you. This way, you build a joint community of fellow designers and supporters who like your work and you liking their designs.

Interaction on Instagram has a positive impact. Over time, you will gain enough projects so that you do not need to promote so much in the days to come. When you grow your presence online through Instagram, people will start liking your design samples and tag you in the same.

You will make friends with other web designers on Instagram when you share and interact with others in the industry.


Now that you have these tips in place, make the most of them promote your designs on Instagram. Good luck!

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