Driving Apps for 2019 – what should you be using?

Caitlin Purvis
June 26, 2019

When you’re out and about, the phone becomes a bit of safety net. Audi Service Plan specialists Vindis, take you through the three must-have mobile apps when it comes to hitting the road.

Statista shared findings that in 2018 more than 205 billion apps were downloaded. The smartphone is an essential part of modern-day life and it’s hard to consider a time without it now.


There is nothing worse than getting into the middle of the country side and your phones loses internet signal. We’ve all been in this nightmare situation, but the HERE WeGo app should mean that you never need to go through it again.

The UK is one of many regions that you can download and store the entire map of – France, Italy and the US are all included. This means that you can be navigated to your destination even when you haven’t got an internet connection.

Left your car at home? The app still has you covered, as it’ll inform you of carsharing opportunities nearby whenever you need it and can call a local taxi too so that you never need to worry about being stranded in an unfamiliar city.

Download the app here:

Download the app here:

Apple or Android for the Car

Both these driving companions prove to be incredibly helpful performing relatively similar functions. Evidently, the type of smartphone will determine which you choose to download.

If it’s an apple device you’re using, it’s going to be the Apple CarPlay operating system you’ll require. Siri is your handy assistant who will guide you on your way. Once the app is open you can:

Ask for directions to local attraction or points of interest by saying: “Siri, where’s the closest petrol station?”.

Have the app predict where you need to be by analysing addresses on your recent emails, text messages, contacts and calendars.

Make calls and listen to voicemail handsfree.

Have Siri read and reply to text messages, as well as send messages in new conversations too.

Gain access to content via your iTunes, Apple Music or other audio apps accounts, as well as even request for Siri to become your personal DJ for the duration of a road trip.

Alternatively, If it’s an android operating system you’ve got, then yes you’ve guessed it, you’re going to need to download Android Auto. This smart driving companion essentially means that while you’re behind the wheel, you only need to mutter ‘OK Google’ in order to€¦

  • Set up real-time GPS navigation and be informed about traffic alerts.
  • Check your calendar for any occasions that you have scheduled.
  • Set reminders.
  • Get up-to-date news.
  • Setting up a do not disturb message on your phone.
  • Make or answer phone calls handsfree.
  • Access so many of your media apps, such as those containing your favourite music playlists, audiobooks and podcasts.

n effect, the app, through voice control takes care of everything you need, meaning you can focus on the road!

Download the app here:

Apple CarPlay:

Android Auto:


Imagine arriving in the city centre, only to find out the other shoppers have already beat you to it and you then have to circle the car park waiting on someone to leave, like a preying mantis. Do not fear however, help is at hand ‘ in the form of the JustPark app.

Picking up an accolade at the 2017 British Parking Awards and Richard Branson’s 2015 VOOM event, JustPark is the latest app in stress-prevention. It is made up a database of 1.4 million parking spaces, off-street parking options (think car parks, private spaces and even driveways) and on-street parking possibilities (that’s stretches with parking meters and free parking zones).

The app doesn’t just help you out at the last minute when things go completely wrong. You can also reserve a guaranteed space and pay for the spot via the app using either a card, PayPal or either Apple or Android Pay services. You’ll even be provided with easy-to-follow instructions and directions to the space once it’s reserved.

These apps take the additional stress out of driving, meaning you have more of an opportunity to enjoy the roads.

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