One third of Brits voice reservations over 5G rollout

Paul Lipscombe
June 26, 2019

Nearly half of those that don’t trust 5G say it’s because they expect “teething issues” early on

One third of Britons don’t trust the upcoming 5G rollout according to research into Brits’ attitudes towards technology.

The study was carried out by and surveyed 2,300 UK adults.

While the majority (68 per cent) said that they do trust 5G, 32 per cent of people said they don’t with 89 per cent of those content to opt out of switching to 5G from 4G if given the choice.

Four fifths of those surveyed said that they don’t believe the UK is prepared for 5G and anticipate a number of issues in the early stages of the rollout.

Nearly half of those concerned about the reliability of 5G (48pc) said that they think there will be too many “teething issues”, with 22pc wary of any personal information being obtained by hackers. A further 14pc worry that their phone calls will be listened to.

However out of those respondents who voiced concerns about trusting 5G, 67 per cent admitted having the same reservations about 4G before it was released. spokesperson George Charles said: “People are bound to have doubts about 5G; as with any new technology there are usually small teething problems, especially being a new piece of technology that that infrastructure needs to be built for.”

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