Mobile technology trends to follow in 2020

Junaid Ali Qureshi
December 26, 2019

The talk of “the world is going global” is outdated. The correct statement is “the world is mobile”. So, besides woocommerce coupon, woocommerce product bundles, you should also incorporate other necessary plugins to make your website a mobile-friendly one. Not doing this will be detrimental to your website and business at large. Research shows that almost 83% of the world populace access the internet using mobile devices. Of the 17% left, 10% includes firms and companies where the use of a computer is necessary.

Mobile technology is fast becoming an industry of its own. The statistics are there to prove it. If you are a shareholder in mobile technology, you need to stay abreast in terms of happenings of the mobile technology industry. One thing that affects any industry are trends. These trends determine the flow and direction of things. This is the more reason why you should know about mobile technology trends to follow in 2020.

Mobile e-commerce to develop into m-commerce

Although it will be tough to draw a clear line, it is obvious that this change is taking place. This is no longer the case of e-commerce accommodating mobile technology. No. It is the case of mobile technology carving out its own niche from the electronic world. This is evident as almost every e-commerce stores already have fully functional mobile applications. This will continue to grow until people will no longer have to launch their phone browsers to shop online.

Increase in the demand for mobile application

Ecommerce will not be the only niche that will feel the wave of mobile technology. Every niche will feel it. This is because of the fact that mobile technology brings ease. People want to do things with ease and firms want to meet the demands of people. Companies will no longer see having a mobile application as an added advantage but as a necessity. It will become the case of making the move or lose clients or customers.

More awareness and use of IoT

I am not exactly certain that most people use their phones to control other facilities in their houses besides the phone itself. That is already changing and the change will become full-blown in 2020. With time, you will be able to control other electronics in your house using your phone. From your stereo to your fridge, air conditioning system, electronic gate, washing machine, etc. This will be through a wireless connection. All you need do is connect your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or use an app to the device you want to control. Your phone will be a powerful remote.

Wireless 5G network will be operational

This will no longer be a case of rumours alone. By 2020, the 5G wireless network will be operational. You will be able to access the internet at incredible speed. Word has it that North America will be among the luckiest of places. This is because it will be one of the initial coverage areas. All the same, the 5G network will be operational by 2020.

Mobile technology will feature technology that is more sophisticated

Mobile technology will feature sophisticated technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. This means that you can use your AR and VR glasses with your phones. You can as well try out that new couch in your home without bringing it in via your phone. This also implies that you can also automate certain activities using your phone. You can schedule calls, messages, mails, etc. you will no longer have to set reminder.

Increase in Instant and on-demand apps

Instant apps are apps phone makers consider necessary and as such, they are on your phone as at the time of producing your phone. This simply implies that instant apps are apps present on your phone as at time of manufacture that you do not download. The number of instant apps is set to increase as the demand and download of certain apps are increasing.

Faster loading mobile webpages

Just in case you were wondering, this is already a SEO technique. It is no news that the loading speed of your website is a criterion for your SERP. The difference is that search engines are now paying attention to the loading speed of your “mobile webpages”. Kindly underline the word “mobile”.


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