Top Tech Developments of 2020

Michael Adams
December 23, 2019

As we head into a new decade, everyone has their eye on the tech landscape. Users and developers both anxiously await the next major rollout. If you’re a techie at heart and want to know which way the trends are going in 2020, read on to learn more.

Wearables are more ubiquitous than ever

When you think of wearable apps, the first image that usually comes to mind is the ever-popular smartwatch. Now just because it has been the most popular wearable in helping folks keep fit during the holidays doesn’t mean it’s the only one. Companies have also launched smartrings, intelligent clothing, and ear-worn devices that provide a slight competition to the watch.

But, according to the research agency, Gartner, head-mounted displays (HMD) are expected to match smartwatches in 2020 with an estimated 48% growth in popularity. HMDs are primarily used in the gaming world, specifically for virtual reality entertainment. However, they have also been used in simulation training, engineering, and military operations.

Consider AI

Artificial intelligence is perhaps the fastest growing sector in tech, and wearable apps will soon come tailored with machine learning, a division of AI. Machine learning apps are designed to use the data they collect to learn about the user and their behaviors. In this manner, they can identify patterns and provide real-time feedback.

Another form of AI that will surely be on the rise in 2020 is the use of chatbots. The integration of this AI will keep apps responsive to its users on a 24-hour basis, which eliminates the need for additional employees and provides continuous customer support. Any mobile app developer working in this space

can channel the learning capabilities of chatbots, as the AI that powers them can learn from their interactions with people and become better able over time to respond to their emotions.

The cloud is king

As stated in Forbes magazine, by 2025 more than 80% of businesses will store their data in the cloud. As any app development company should be able to tell you, cloud storage is cost-efficient (a major plus for start-ups) and increases productivity. Users can work from anywhere that has an internet connection and files are stored securely in one location, which means no more tedious transferring of files from one work station to another.

Instead of waiting for that 80% to turn into 100, business owners should discuss with their app developers the best practices for data storage on a cloud system now before things get too competitive.

Fitness for the future

As far as fitness apps for 2020 are concerned, consumers should expect to see innovative ways in which data is gathered, stored, processed, and presented to the user. Business owners are employing different strategies to take in these metrics. And since users want to feel that their needs are being supported and expectations met, customization is still the ideal.

Fitbit Versa, for example, is a new innovative app that puts the focus solely on women. Consumers can personalize their experience by inputting their menstrual cycle information and other factors that pertain to their reproductive health. Because the Fitbit also gathers diet and exercise information, this gives doctors a more complete picture of their overall health.

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