Waze to remain separate whilst under review, says Google

Jordan O'Brien
September 20, 2013

It’s been a while since we heard the progress of Google’s acquisition of Waze, but Google has promised the UK’s Office of Fair Trading that Waze will remain a separate entity. That is until the review completes of course, with Google likely to incorporate the technology as soon as its given the all clear.

The Office of Fair Trading is still determining whether or not it has jurisdiction over deciding the fate of the deal, and as of such Google has offered this standstill agreement during any possible antitrust review performed by the OFT.

Under the deal Google promises not to make any “substantive changes” to either company, with Google barred from interfering with the staff or organisational structure of Waze. The companies would be required to operate completely independently of each other until the end of any proceedings.

Source: Bloomberg

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