Android devices can now be remotely locked using Device Manager

Jordan O'Brien
September 24, 2013

Android Device Manager can find your phone, but what’s use knowing its the other side of town if you can’t stop the potential prying eyes from accessing it? Well it seems Google has noticed the problem with Android Device Manager receiving an update to allow you to remotely lock your Android phone, tablet or whatever device you may seem to own.

The new online dashboard was first spotted over at Android Police and it will force a new PIN code on your device, even if you already have one — it’ll overwrite it. If your device of choice doesn’t have an internet connection or is in Airplane Mode, it won’t be able to be locked — which definitely won’t help you if your phone has gone for a ride on the tube.

To enable the new Android Device Manager abilities, then you’re going to want to dive into your Google Settings and enable it.

Via: Engadget

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