Top mobile games this week for July 4th – July 10th

Thomas Wellburn
July 8, 2016

Games are one of those addictive little distractions that help us unwind after a busy day. So why not recruit some new ones to get you through the week! Here’s our top mobile games this week for July 4th – July 10th!

Pokémon Go (Android and iOS)

Price: Free

top mobile games this week for july

Nintendo’s latest venture into the mobile games world isn’t out yet for the UK but there is a way around that (click on this link to get it now). Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that has you walking around, catching Pokémon and battling rivalling factions. It’s an extremely addictive game and be warned, it will make you an anti-social weirdo. Pokémon GO needs to be constantly on your screen to alert you of Pokémon presence, and other gameplay mechanics. Meaning it’ll batter your battery quite a bit. Charge your phone before heading out.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (iOS only)

Price: £10.99

top mobile games this week for july

Capcom’s famous Monster Hunter series makes its way to your iPhone. For those that don’t know Monster Hunter is an action role-playing game with grinding gameplay with huge rewards. The core of recent Monster Hunter titles is the online co-op play. It proves to be troublesome playing on your smartphone as it commands high power usage and a steady connection. Needless to say it’s not one to play quick on the tube, you’ll have to sit down and give this some attention, as a round can last up to 20 minutes. For your time you’ll be provided with a rich gameplay experience that will have you static for periods of time.

Auto Warriors (iOS only)

Price: Free

top mobile games this week for july

Developed by Gunjin Games, a new mobile studio headed by the creator of Split/Second, Auto Warriors is a car combat title that operates in a turn-based fashion. Sounds a bit weird right? Well it kind of is… but it’s also surprisingly fun. Picking the right weapon to use at the correct time takes skill, as does positioning yourself in the field so that your line of sight can spot the enemy and successfully bring them down. Combine this with solid visuals and 150 single-player campaign levels… and there’s very little to moan about.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Android and iOS)

Price: Free

top mobile games this week for july

A game where you get to play as the legendary Eddie from Iron Maiden? Count us in! With excellent 3D graphics and a distinct art style that pays homage to the band, Legacy of the Beast is a solid turn-based battler. Defeating enemies to upgrade your character and progress through the map is the main goal of this title, while additional allies such as demon dogs can be recruited in your travels. There’s plenty of maps to get through with lots of battles in each, plus a little character development on the way.

Kingdom Warriors (iOS only)

Price: Free

Top mobile games this week for july

An ambitious cross-platform title that tries and succeeds in combining numerous different genres, Kingdom Warriors is well worth a look. Take a dash of MMORPG, add a sprinkle of MOBA action combat and throw in some RTS elements for good measure, then you’ve pretty much got this title. Set in a dynasty dystopia where everyone is at war, you’ll need to set up a base and congregate an army to successfully and challenge others. With the battles rendered in full 3D graphics, it’s a far more satisfying experience than other games which attempt to imitate the same things. Using the full power of the Unreal 3D engine, it’s likely that you’ll need a powerful phone to see it’s full potential.

That’s our top mobile games this week for July 4th – July 10th! Got any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below. For more on games, visit What Mobile’s dedicated gaming page

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