Top mobile games at E3 2016

Manny Pham
June 20, 2016

E3 2016 gave less love to mobile gaming compared to previous years, so we mustered together the only announcements made, that relate to your trusty smartphone. 

Mobile gaming for smartphone is still in an infancy stage despite Nintendo pledging plans to release titles for the biggest gaming platform in the world, and strings of classic titles being ported to it. That could all change soon as Nintendo has more titles on the way for smartphones, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. We could be seeing more developers follow suit at next year’s E3, but for now we have a few announcements, the biggest of course being Pokémon Go.

We don’t see why E3 aren’t embracing more mobile gaming developers to fill the floor space left vacant this year, by the likes of: EA, Blizzard and Disney Interactive. It’s no longer the gaming Mecca it used to be, time to move onto future ventures? In the past there were always loads of weird mobile gaming booths, but we’re seeing this year, the hostile takeover of virtual reality. Mobile developers might have to move on

Anyway here are the few announcements and previews at E3 2016.

Pokémon Go gets a release date

Pokemon go e3 2016

A game that needs no introduction, the hype train has been hurtling down the tracks since it was announced. Now we have a release date! Well, a release month to be exact. Nintendo are aiming to release Pokémon worldwide in July. That’s next month if you’re frantically checking your calendar.

Nintendo also announced a new wearable to use alongside with Pokémon Go. The Pokémon Go Plus is strapped on like a fitness wearable and will blink LED lights to alert you when a Pokémon is near. It will retail for $35, more details here.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius was only for show

final fantasy brave exvius e3 2016

It was expected for Brave Exvius to be playable on the E3 2016 floor, but that was sadly not the case. Those who trudged there was through a sea of bodies and nerd sweat, were greeted with an iPad, showing a gameplay video. Gameplay footage already exists for Brave Exvius on YouTube, but this was in English, which is the only thing different about the E3 footage.

If you try to download the game now on the App and Play Store, you can pre-register for the game which will unlock extra goodies when its available for download. It’s already available in Japan with a worldwide release not yet confirmed.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Hearthstone in disguise

elder scrolls legends e3 2016

Hearthstone started something when it was released back in 2014. Bethesda are getting on the digital trading card bandwagon with The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Although bear in mind it isn’t a new game, this is merely a PC port, which aren’t totally against as it makes organic sense. Those who have played Hearthstone will be instantly familiar with this game, the thesaurus was whipped out during this game’s development to help disguise the similar card battle scheme. Instead of ‘Taunt’ we have ‘Guard,’ instead of ‘Mana’ we ‘Magicka,’ we could go on.

The E3 2016 demo did not really reveal anything new. We know how the game is going to play because of the PC version, we want to know how will you purchase card packs. Once we know that, then we can decide whether Legends will be a worthy of your attention on boring tube journeys home.

Teeny Titans

teeny titans e3 2016

Now hold on, you’re probably wondering why I’ve brought a kids’s cartoon tie-in to your attention. Well it’s for good reason my friend, and that reason is; Grumpyface is developing Teeny Titans. Grumpyface is familiar to those that have played the hit game, Bring Me Sandwiches. Adventure Time fans who actually PAID for a smartphone game, and chose to do it with Grumpyface developed Adventure Time Game Wizard, you know Teeny Titans might be worth a look.

Teeny Titans is due out next week so keep an eye on our games round up every Friday for our review.

Dragon Raja

dragon raja e3 2016

Here’s a low key game that deserves your attention. Dragon Raja has proven to be immensely popular in China, giving developer Locojoy Games a deserved positive reputation. The far east developers are teaming up with western developers Narvalous to bring their hit title Dragon Raja to the western market. Our immediate reaction was “wow, a classic RPG on your phone.” Definitely one for long train journeys.

Some may find the RPG premise a bit too familiar and generic, but if you’re one that loves to pick up a sword and shield to slay oversized lizards, you’ll enjoy Dragon Raja.

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