Let there be light with the new Travelamp

Thomas Wellburn
July 24, 2015

Designers Sebastiano Tosi and Mattia Fossati have collaborated to design a portable ‘Travelamp’ which uses the flash-light on a smartphone as the source.

Ever got caught short in the dark and needed a lamp to illuminate the way? Probably not, but if you did then this could be something to consider. Smartphone camera flashes are usually nothing more than an LED light, with the exception of a Xenon flash on select devices. These lights can be used to illuminate your surroundings, usually to a pretty acceptable standard. Sebastiano Tosi and Mattia Fossati have harnessed this feature to create the Travelamp, a small imitation lamp or lantern that is moulded out of durable silicone. A strap holds the lantern in place over your smartphone flash, causing the light to diffuse around the inside of the silicone. In principle, it should work quite well. Though there are immediate concerns over battery life, especially when using the LED for extended periods of time.

Even if it’s a bit gimmicky, the Travelamp is still a neat little accessory that will be a great talking point among friends. It’s supposed to fit most ‘small to medium’ smartphones and should be available in October.

Via Gizmodo

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