Review: Juicebar wireless Speaker by Juice

Stephen Watson
April 27, 2019

The latest from high street audio company Juice is the portable Juicebar at £32.99 these are very much in the budget audio range but don’t let the price make you think the audio will be poor. Remember never judge a book by its cover and the same can be said.

The juicebar is made completely of plastic but has nice rounded edges and with a metallic finish and grill covering the two speakers. You can get this speaker in 8 different colours such as:

Black, Red, White, Green, Pink, Blue & Purple

This Speaker has all the controls on the back and is very simple in design. Going from Right to left. You have the AUX/Bluetooth connection light, Followed by the power light and then slider which allows you to turn OFF/ON and also switch between AUX setting and the Bluetooth setting. In this review, I only tested it via the Bluetooth setting.

In the packaging, you are given the USB to Micro USB cable, Instructions and a fabric bag useful for taking this speaker in the move.

Setting up this speaker is very simple the first time you turn it on you will hear a sound followed by a second beep this informs you its in pairing mode. Once you find it within your Bluetooth settings you will be asked for a pin which is unusual. It’s not the pin on your phone security in fact. In the instructions it tells you to enter 1234 and then it connects.  It’s your phone that is a must as you have to control it all via that as the speaker has no music controls built in the speaker. Personally, I don’t mind this apart from the fact you can leave your phone in one room have this in the garden and change volume if you wanted it’s all done via the phone.

For less than £40 I was happy with this speaker on the base of the speaker you have 4 small feet raising the speaker slightly which allows for a better audio experience. Sound wise this won’t compete with your larger speakers in terms of sound quality but it’s not designed to complete. This is a desk speaker for a bit of music in your downtime or when you’re chilling in the garden.  The speaker is quite loud but the more of an increase the sound starts to get a little tinny and flat in places and if you are a bass-heavy fan this speaker is not likely for you.

When playing Freya Ridings – Waking Up it has a decent mid and highs but its the bass that falls down here but to the average listener this speaker is ideal.  Bluetooth operating distance is 33 feet or 10 meters. Battery wise it gives you 6 hours on Bluetooth or 8 on AUX.

To overview, this speaker looks nice and with 6 hours of battery, it does the job for having some music on while you’re doing some gardening or for a desk speaker its ideal.  At under £40, the sound is decent, not amazing but decent but what do you expect at that price range.

My only negative about this speaker is the lack of controls I like to have the ability to change track or control volume and play/pause on the speaker and you don’t have the chance with this but if your happy to do all that via your phone It’s a good budget speaker.

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