Review: JBL Charge 4 – Portable Speaker

Stephen Watson
March 25, 2019

JBL Charge4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – £159.99 via Amazon 

With a market full of Bluetooth speakers picking the right one can be a mind field but one of the most well-known brands JBL have shown over the years they have been building on quality. In this review, we cover the JBL Charge 4.

Charge 4 wireless speaker is the latest in the range and comes in 10 different colours and costs £159.99 from Design wise you won’t see much of a difference compared to the Charge 3 that come before this.  Charge 4 is slightly bigger in size and weight but the charge 4 feels a bit more bang for your buck.

The Charge4 has features such as being dust-proof and even drop- proof and is waterproof to a IPX7 rating.  Design wise the speaker lays on its side due to plastic clear base that keeps the speaker off the ground meaning you don’t lose on sound.

On the side of the speaker, there is a sealed latch that protects the following ports USB-C port for charging the battery, USB-A port which is a unique selling point as you can charge your phone on the good and you also a 3.5 mm AUX input for those who want a wired connection.  

On top of the speaker, you have the power, Bluetooth button, volume controls and also playback. You also get the JBL connect + which allows you to connect this speaker to a second that you can have in another room which will allow having music in multiple rooms or you can use a second speaker for that stereo sound quality.  This can be done by downloading the JBL app that will allow for multiple connections to other charge4 speakers.

Battery wise you get 20 hours playback from just a four-hour charge and this is done with the fast charging feature that JBL has given and this is a great feature.  You can also see how much battery you have as you have 5 small LED lights that appear when you press any of the buttons to give an indication of the power left.

Performance wise the speaker connected to my phone instantly without any trouble and this is when I got to see what the sound is like and this speaker can get very LOUD!

The JBL Charge 4 has fantastic sound quality and when you list to something like Sparrow by Emeli Sande this speaker has juicy sound with detailed lows and that bass that makes you fall in love being a fan of bass it packs a punch but not at the expense of the Highs or Mids. This speaker has so much power and volume to match and when you listen to something like RIP by Sofia Reyes it does a fantastic job of getting you dancing to that sexy Latin sound.

So overall this speaker a little bigger and weigh a bit more than the charge 3 but the sound quality is impressive and with the bonus of 20-hour payback and fast charge in just 4 hours and the fact its waterproof am off on holiday soon and this is the speaker coming with me. I love the fact you can create stereo sound with the connect + feature and at £159.99  you won’t find much better at this price range.

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