Review: House of Marley Uplift 2 Wireless

Dan Carter
March 21, 2019

With the branding of these headphones named after Bob ‘Marley,’ I expected high sounding quality headphones. My first impression of the ‘ House of Marley Uplift 2 Wireless’ was that it came in a very minimalistic, neat and easily readable packaging; clear facts on the front and stats of what’s inside these headphones on the back.


The design was very easy to operate and easy to get out of the box without any issues. It has a very aesthetic design which is modern and environmentally friendly. With everyone now trying to be environmentally friendly, these headphones when bought ‘will help plant one tree’. David Attenborough would also be happy to know that this packaging has been ‘crafted from mindfully sourced materials’ as well as ‘recycled packaging’.


Picking up the headphones whilst they were in the packaging gave me the belief that these headphones could be worth the value of £69.99 from Amazon. Within the packaging, you get earbuds which come with various sizes to help you customise it to the perfect fit! I won’t deny and say that I was a little confused as to how to turn them on without having to look through the manual. The manual itself is very informative, easy to read and supported with clear diagrams to help you understand how the headphones work.

Charging and comfort:

Charging on this these headphones takes 2 hours to fully charge with a 10-hour life. The charging point that stays at the back of your neck is very light but a little bit frustrating. With the advance of airpods and headphones with no wires coming into play, I will say it is frustrating that there are still so many wires dangling about. There is a little magnetic clasp at the front of the headphones and without this little assistant, it makes it very hard to keep the earphones from moving around. The charging point at the back when walking kept pulling down the headphones down and frustrating my ears.

Sound quality:

The sound quality on these headphones, on the other hand, is marvellous for the price you are paying! For someone that likes to play his music loud, I found that you have two volume settings when connected to your phone. 1: Your volume on your phone and 2: if you want your music
even higher you can press your headphones volumes and turn it up even more!

The sound quality of the headphones is very clear and balanced. However, if you are someone who likes to listen to Bass than maybe these headphones aren’t for you. Although the sound of the headphones is clear, it’s more of a case of having to shove the earphones right into your ear to get the most out of the bass. I think the best quality about these headphones is the midrange as you can clearly hear the lyrics very clearly in each song. The highs in these headphones are what lets me down. The highs can’t really actually hit that high, especially with a loud volume set. It seems a little bit distorted when listening to the highs and can make the song sound funny and strange.


The Bluetooth connection in these headphones is very confusing. At first, when I got these headphones everyone was working perfectly fine… It was in fact when I ran for the bus that I noticed that the connection to the Bluetooth kept distorting. After turning it off and on it continued to do so whenever the phone would be moving within my pocket.

I then decided to call my friend to test the microphone. I started speaking to him whilst standing still and he said he could hear me perfectly until I started walking. The microphone which I presume is within the volume controls started moving as I was walking and my friend said that the voice did start to distort and asked me to speak louder. It’s easy to say that I wouldn’t advise picking up a call with these headphones in the library.

To conclude I personally believe these headphones are totally worth the £70. The packaging is modern and environmentally friendly whilst the sound quality from the headphones is commendable. Although it does annoy me that the magnetic clasp needs to be closed especially if you are moving or it will just pull on your ears. Saying that the positives from these headphones completely outweigh the negatives.

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