Review: Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds

Stephen Watson
July 18, 2019

Available from Jam Audio Was £99.99 now £49.99

The true wireless earbud market is packed and to really stand out you need a fantastic product with a great price otherwise you will just get lost in the flood of other brands attempts. 

This time we were given the chance to review the Jam Live wireless earbuds which are priced at £49 from JamAudio. However, they were reduced from £99 and come in two colours black and blue. 

Can they cut the mustard?  

The design of these earbuds are cool with the fabric texture which really makes them look great.

When we look at the earbuds they don’t at first impression blow me away with its symmetrical design I have seen hundreds of times before. The earbuds have a button on each side with the Jam branding on each bud and have magnetic pins positioned ideal for charging and fitting in the charging case with ease. The charging case is designed with the same fabric as the earbuds and is design with an easy to push slot where you store the buds when on charge.

I really liked this design but my concern is after a number of use the slot might get a little stuck. However, this was not the case in this review. On the right hand of the case you have hidden behind a rubber cover for protection is the MicroUSB port and USB-A port which was a surprise as a lot of these types of buds the charge port is always either Micro-USB or USB-C. The bonus of the USB-A port is you can use the charge on a number of devices even allows you to charge your phone.

In the box, you also got 4 size ear tips ( XS, S, M, L) and 3 double eartips (S, M, L), USB charge cable and user guide. The fact you get so many different types of eartips is a really nice touch as you will be able to find the perfect size tips for your listening pleasure. Once you have the right fit you will notice the fit in the ear really well and are very comfortable and they did not hurt like other earbuds over a long period of time.

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Like any review, we want to know what the sound is like and for earbuds that full into the budget earbud market. The sound is quite good the bass is lovely and deep however, the extension could be improved. When listening to something like AC/DC Back in Black the guitars sound top draw and you really get the drums to come through when listening but its that electric guitar section that is just sexy. The lows and mids also deliver a nice amount of warmth which is great considering the cost.  These earbuds fall down when it comes to the high end and the vocal which is disappointing but to the average listener, they won’t really notice this. What they will notice is when you increase the volume you get a little disruption in the form of some crackling.

The battery performance for the Jam live true wireless give 3 hours of battery life but the case has 2200 maH charging case that provides 10 charges or simply charge your phone with the case which I found impressive.  Other features include a bluetooth range of 10 meters and give you a good connection and I have been using these for a couple of weeks now and they never cut out or jumps. The Jam Live True wireless are also water and dustproof (IP67 rated).

Overall the Jam Live True Wireless are a great pair of earbuds and the only negatives I can say about these are the fact they struggle with the highs and vocals to the trained ear. Also with the increased volume crackling, I hope Jam Audio can look into these issues.

However, These earbuds are nicely designed they offer a wide range of different eartips for you to get the best fit and the fact they are IP67 meaning I don’t have to worry about me over sweating or these getting wet in the rain.

What I also really like is the charging case as it will also allow me to give my phone a boost meaning I can leave the powerbank at home. So these earbuds get a solid 4 stars from us and like I said for £49.99 they are worth considering for these on a budget.

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