Review: Blitwolf – BW-FYE7 TWS Dual Dynamic Drivers Wireless Earbuds

Stephen Watson
July 19, 2019

Available from Amazon for £33.98

Here at What Mobile, we see all sorts of brands trying to crack the portable audio market and we have been given the chance to review some ear hook wireless earbuds from the brand Blizwolf. 

The Brand Blizwolf is a relatively new brand starting up in 2015 in China but now they have customers all over the world.  The product we have reviewed is the BW-FYE7 TWS Dual Dynamic Drivers wireless earbuds that cost £33.98 via Amazon.

These budget earbuds are a decent attempt at giving you an alternative to the Apple earpods and come with 6mm double dynamic drivers, 10-metre Bluetooth range and 4-hour battery life and charge case that gives up to 16 hours of battery life. 

The design of these earbuds are an ear hook design similar to the apple earpods. They are lightweight at only 5g and the charging case at 55g so both are lightweight and easy to take with you on the move. The earbuds are made of plastic as you would expect for the price range but these buds come with double dynamic drivers that will provide that a powerful bass. The buds also have a button on the side of each bud that you use to turn them on and control the play and pause and also the ability to use your smart assistant.

The charging case is a nice design it has 4 LED’s to indicate the level of charge with a black plastic cover that you can see into. Inside the case is where you find the magnetic pins that help hold the buds in the case. The back of the case has a USB-C port. The case charge level is 500mAh and that allows for a full charge 4 times equalling the 16 hours of charge I mentioned earlier. To recharge the case it takes 2 hours.  

Performance-wise these earbuds are designed with Bluetooth 5.0 and allow for up to 10 meters of signal which is good for a budget pair of earbuds. The buds also come with an IPX4 rating that means they are water-resistant. Personally, I prefer buds that are waterproof not just resistant.  The buds also offer the feature of automatic pairing which is great but you do need to turn both buds on individually first which can be a little annoying from time to time.

Sound Quality wise these buds considering they are under £50 are actually quite good they fit nicely in the ear. In fact, the oblique angle design fits comfortably in the ear canal.

You can use these for an up to 4 hours (battery life)  and they fit fine. The double dynamic drivers offer a really good bass that is deep and the low and the mids perform really well. The highs unfortunately just sound cheap when the volume is increased but to the average listener who is paying for these won’t notice.

Overall, These budget earbuds are not a bad alternative to apple earpods but unfortunately, they are no match on an audio level but that is expected. The benefits of these earbuds are Bluetooth 5.0, double dynamic drivers for that punchy bass. They also have IPX4 rating and bilateral calling feature makes these a decent pair of earbuds and at £33.98 they are a bargain for someone who just wants a nice looking pair of buds with the decent sound quality I just wish you got more battery life as 4 hours goes too fast but with the charging case does give the extra charge you just have to wait for it.

If you buy from Amazon and enter the code: NNCT8W6K before the 28th July 2019 you get 30% off and get these buds for the crazy price of £23.78

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