Review: Groov-e Soundbuds

Stephen Watson
July 7, 2019

The Groov-e Soundbuds cost £64.99 from

Here at What Mobile the brand Groov-e is something we have covered a number of there products like the Groov-e elite overhead headphones and the Groov-e play buds. We had the chance to review the newest product from this brand the Groov-e Soundbuds which cost £64.99.

My first impressions these are the same as the play buds but with an added voice assistant and some improved features and if you thought the same as me you would not be wrong. The Sound buds have Bluetooth 5.0 allowing to connect to any device and use up to 10 meters away. 

Another feature of the sound buds compared to the play buds is the battery life the sound buds provides 4 hours of battery life from a single charge compared 3 hours with the play buds. The sound buds also provide a charging case that gives you an additional 10 hours of playtime making them great for being on the go. 

Design wise the sound buds sits close inside your ear by the concha which are similar how airpods sit in the ear.  In the box, you are given the following: Micro USB charging cable, portable intelligent charging case and 2 other pairs of eartips as well as the pair on the buds which means you can change the size if you require.

In terms of the fit, I was happy with the overall seal and this increased the audio performance. You will notice once you connect them to your phones Bluetooth you won’t have to reconnect next time you use them which although a stand feature its nice to have.

Speaking of the performance they are loud and offer great bass as well as really clear mids and highs and when listening to a range of different music styles and when listing to something like The Greatest Showman they sound fantastic. However, I did have a few occasions when they did cut out when I was travelling but this was for only a few seconds so no big deal. I did find the same issue with the play buds the playtime is quite short for using on a long journey. However, with the charging case you can aim to keep them charged up for the majority of the time and with the LED percentage readout you know how much battery you have to play with.

The feature that makes these earbuds stand out of the shadow if you tap the button on the side of the buds you get to use your smartphone assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant allowing you to use the smart assistant as you would normally such as book appointments or set reminders etc all with your phone in your pocket.

The only negatives I found with these earbuds I could not tell if there where IP rated and that would one thing I would ask Groov-e to improve on. I also think yes the battery been improved a little

Overall these are great if you like bass and volume in a pair of affordable earbuds these are a good contender. I just wish they told us the IP Rating as it would help me understand where I could use these on the commute or in the Gym.

At £64.99 these budget earbuds are good for those looking for a budget alternative to airpods and love using a smart assistant every day.

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