Review: Cygnett GoStick Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Stephen Watson
April 2, 2020

As you know we are currently in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak and as a result more of us have are working from home and having to use video conferencing to conduct day to day business. We are also having to have social time via house party app due to the current lockdown. 

Instead of holding your phone why not use a selfie stick with detachable tripod stand welcome the Cygnett GoStick.      

This is not just your average selfie stick it is packed with features such as a detachable mini tripod, shutter button for taking that perfect picture, Twist and lock extendable pole and GoPro Mount.


This selfie stick allows you to use most smartphones due to the fact you can adjust the phone mount. The stick itself when fully extended measures at 62cms in length.  What stands this apart from the kind of selfie sticks you see in London owned by lots of tourists are its features. The shutter button allows you to take the perfect picture and if you download the cygnett camera 360 ultimate apps. The Bluetooth remote can be used with either an IOS or Andriod device and have a button for both.  


How to use this selfie stick well it’s very easy all you need to do is connect via Bluetooth on your phone and bingo its all set up and ready to go. Once paired just place the smartphone into the adjustable cradle and get ready to snap away.  As mentioned when your out and about you can remove the Bluetooth remote and use the tripod to take pictures.

Now as mentioned we are currently in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak so how is this device useful? Well, its the 2 main features: 

  • The mini tripod – you can set up the 3 legs on a flat surface allowing you to use this for video conferencing when working or use it when you’re chatting to friends via facetime

  • Rotation – You can use the GoStick 2-axis rotation meaning you can use in either portrait or landscape.

So this device is ideal for video conferencing in this current situation we are living in and once we are all allowed to go back to normal the device would be great for capturing memories. The only thing to consider is if you are using this outside make sure the tripod legs are set up correctly as a gust of wind may tip the selfie stick over. Also some of the larger handsets out in the market might be too big to use in this selfie stick so something like an iPhone 11 might be an issue.  I currently use an iPhone X and it fits perfectly and my girlfriend has a Samsung S10 and both are fine. 

So go get this selfie stick if you are tired of holding your phone when trying to using video conferencing you will thank us!

Review Score- 4 Stars

Cygnett GoStick Bluetooth selfie stick- £29.95

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