Review: Cygnett Prime 10W Wireless Charging Stand

Stephen Watson
April 2, 2020

Another product we have reviewed for Cygnett and I would say my favourite of all the products that the guys at Cygnett have sent over is the Cygnett Prime Wireless Desk charger.

Not only does this product look great on my office desk it also allows me to charge the phone in portrait or landscape. Meaning this charger great for when am on a call or even when am having a laydown watching my favourite Netflix show. 

This is a very simple product in the box you get the charger, Plug and UK & EU plug adaptors. You can also get the charger in 3 colours White, Black & Navy. In this review, I have the Navy version. 

This wireless charger is compatible with any phone that is Qi-compatible such as iPhone or Samsung plus other Android models that are suitable for wireless charging. In testing, I noticed you get the full 10W to charge a Samsung Galaxy S10 but only 7.5W on an iPhone and then 5W on some other android devices. So this product more suited for Samsung devices.

As this charging stand can charge any Qi-enabled product you can even charge your Airpods Pro or other devices that allow wireless charging. Design-wise they have an elegant design that will look nice anywhere in the house. The Prime wireless charging stand comes with an adjustable stand meaning you can either place the phone flat or as a stand.

What I like the best about this charger is that I have not found with any others I have tested is the fact you can use this in portrait or landscape as the charging pad works either way. I currently use the tech21 Liberty London case and it still allows me to charge the phone perfectly either way but this might not be the case for other cases out there.  

I generally used the portrait mode during the date when notifications would pop up or I had to take calls. I found especially now this device is excellent while am working from home and taking calls. Then I use the landscape mode when I am watching a film and chilling out. It’s especially handy when I watch some GMTV in the morning.  

Cygnett has also included its thermal dissipation system which is basically cooling vents to prevent overheating.

 If you are looking for a wireless charging stand that I would have to say is one of the best in the market at £44.95 this is a bargain! 

The Cygnett Prime 10W Wireless Charging Stand – £44.95 via

Product Review- 5 Stars!

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