Review: Cygnett TwoFold 20W Dual Wireless Charger

Stephen Watson
April 2, 2020

We are currently a work from home nation due to the Coronavirus problems the globe is having so you might find yourself working with your partner and you will both need a wireless charger. Welcome the Cygnett TwoFold 20W Dual Wireless Charger.

The Cygnett TwoFold 20W dual wireless desk charger takes charging to another level by allowing you two charge 2 phones at once as long as both are Qi-compatible. This is great for these that have personal and work phones or in my case both me and my girlfriend’s phones can be charged at once and both wirefree.

Charging the phones is such a simple process simply plug in the TwoFold dual wireless desk charger that comes with both the UK plug and the EU plug. The charge cable to the panel is 1.5 meters long meaning you have plenty of space to plug this in. Once the power is on simply lay your phone on the charge panel provided and you will hear a beep to indicate your phone now charging and you will also see the phone show its charging.

Design-wise its very simplistic the charger has a smooth curved design and the charger is all white. This makes it look great but not overly standout. You will see 2x crosses either side of the panel this is where you charge your phone. The charger has a non-slip surface which for someone using the Qdos infinity glass iPhone case normally sides off everywhere so to stop that its a great idea.

In terms of output, the charger provides 20 watts which are split into 10 watts either side but this does change depending on the phone. For example, a Samsung S10 would gain 10 watts of charge whereas an iPhone gets about 7.5 Watts. You can even charge your phone with its case on as it can charge with a case up to 3mm in thickness.

Overall, This charger does exactly what it says on the tin its wireless no need for cables and gone are these white iPhone cables we have about 50 around the house. The Cygnett TwoFold 20W Dual Wireless Desk Charger simply takes the stress out of phone charging simply place the phone on the cross and bingo. For £89.95 it’s a bargain and if you sign up to the Cygnett website you get 10% off your order.

Well worth buying just be careful as I have noticed sometimes depending on where you position the phone the power can cut in and out. However, this is more human error over the product.

Review Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Cygnett TwoFold 20W Dual Wireless Desk Charger- £89.95 from

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